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Rethink Creative Agency

Historically, branding practices have often been rooted in deception and manipulation, all justified in the name of increased “bottom lines”. However, times have changed. Consciousness is at an all-time high. Social narratives completely flood our news streams and timelines. And environmental impact has become imperative to the newer generations of consumers. The bottom line isn’t enough anymore. It's time for us to rethink our approach.


Nowadays, brands need to be able to generate profits, while taking care of the people they affect – and also while being conscious of their environmental footprints. Profit + People + Planet… That’s the triple-bottom-line approach. And that's what Rethink Creative Agency is all about.

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Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer



Co-founder & Chief Operational Officer

Not only has she been educated by some of the most renowned professors of Marketing and Entrepreneurship, but Chinyarai has had the opportunity to be mentored by some of the most successful executives in the fashion industry, including Donna Faircloth, former SVP for John Varvatos and Todd Corley, former SVP for Abercrombie & Fitch. Her extensive experience in retail and fashion has allotted her the ability to create and implement successful strategies for companies not only in the start-up stages, but also companies that are well-established and widely recognizable brands.

As a doctoral student at Syracuse University, Dr. Hamilton capitalized upon a unique opportunity to be simultaneously trained in quantitative modeling by the marketing department and experimental design by the social psychology department. However, it was during his time spent with the social psychologists that Dr. Hamilton discovered he was wildly fascinated by human behavior, more specifically consumer behavior and the impact that consumption has on society and the environment. Today, Dr. Hamilton is a renowned consumer behaviorist that passionately advocates for the triple-bottom-line approach to brand building.

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Light Bulb


More Than the 4 P's

Our knowledge and expertise gives us the ability to learn the exact needs of your company, create a fully customized plan of action, and give you the support you need to implement that plan all while using the 4 P's AND the other 3 P's: Planet+People+Profit.

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Results You’ll Love

Regardless of your budget, we can get the data you need to help you discover everything you ever wanted to know about your customers. We do this by creating a customized research plan that works best for you. In the end, we will present you with an analysis and report that will give you the competitive advantage you need.



Multimedia for the Modern Brand

We don't do it like everyone else, and that's a good thing! From the raw ideas down to the final product, our production services offer you a unique way to communicate your brand message.

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Let Us Handle Everything

We can coordinate your next conference, annual meeting, or company retreat. It doesn't stop there. Talk to us about what type of event you have in mind and we'll do the rest!

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For years, The Thinker statue (also known as The Thinking Man) has traditionally symbolized the creative mind at work. Now, it's time for us to RETHINK the way we THINK, so we give you...The Rethinking Woman. She is the embodiment of a fresh approach toward creative thought.

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Produced by Rethink Creative Agency

RETHINK SUMMIT brings together business and community leaders with an interest in communication practices and policies that honor inclusiveness, diversity, and multiculturalism. The summit also provides opportunities for transformative work to be conceptualized, as well as developed and executed.

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